Nudism/Naturism: And so it begins anew . . .

Spring has sprung . . . and we had our first opportunity to do some nude sunbathing on Saturday, even if the lake is still frozen solid! Funny how the weather report on temperatures can be so deceptive: it might say the day’s high is 12C, but if you find a spot out of the breeze in direct sunlight, it feels a lot warmer. Which is what we did . . .

Mmmm . . . so nice.

I hope you are getting the opportunity to bare it all in the Great Outdoors.

— Jillian

4 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: And so it begins anew . . .

  1. Good for you. We had such a day even the end of March. Many people didn’t seem to believe the day was so good, only a handful of folks at the local nude beach, but it was gorgeous.

    Glad you had the opportunity and took it.


  2. Yay! good for you. I tried as well, but it was too windy where I was. Mind you however, the UV index was up to 6 for over an hour on Sunday, so tanning will be happening soon.


  3. ALOHA….. jillian….hope u r enjoying the spring; it is also warming up here…. high temperature finally getting above the low to mid 80’s…. yes, i am able to “bare all” each and every day around my property…. stay warm….


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