Today’s the day. No more great winter coverup. Time to bare it all, or at least as much as I am allowed to in this textile world we’ve created for ourselves. Polar vortex be damned. I don’t care anymore: I’m barelegging it!

(Yes, a diagnosis of cabin fever would be correct, coupled with spring fever; it’s a wonder I’m wearing anything at all!)

So it’s back to platform sandals and bare legs today — and a psychedelic flower-power short dress — slinky, sexy . . .

Smiles . . .

I noticed as I drove downtown that I am not the only clothes rebel today: I saw four or five people out there in shorts and T-shirts, and at least one other woman barelegging it in a dress.

It is a pretty warm day for this time of the year — around 16C. Still, the vast majority of people out and about are still in winter mode.

But no matter what the thermometer does, from here on through to late September, I’m barelegging it!

(Of course, being the wise Quebecer that I am, I do have some warmer clothes in my car — just in case . . .)


– Jillian