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Michael Brown, a writer on the Christian Post site, has some interesting questions for what he terms “professing gay Christians.” In short, he is asking them in an article how they reconcile their homosexuality with their faith, and with the Bible. And he assures readers that they will not find any hateful words in his text because, he says, “there’s not an ounce of hate in my heart.”

The column is an interesting idea, actually, and seems to be generating discussion in the readers’ comments. I do encourage gay Christians to check out the article and perhaps join in the discussion.

I would like to add a few thoughts of my own. My main complaint with some Christians — and those of other religious faiths, too — is their exclusionary nature, i.e. the idea that their religion is the only true religion, and that the Bible (or other religious texts) are the only words of God. They can’t accept that some people do not view the books the same way, and do not accept them as the words of any gods.

Of course, there is an argument to be made that since we are all manifestations of the Cosmos, the One Source, then everything we all say is the word of that source, because we are, in essence, gods. But . . .

I, for one, see more truth and inspiration in the Bhagavad’Gita, and in books like The Ancient Wisdom by Theosophist Annie Besant.

To each their own, yes?

Well, some Christians would say “no.”

And that is intolerance, to greater or lesser degrees depending on how they push the issue on people.

Still, Michael Brown is addressing his questions to “professing gay Christians,” and in that context it makes for an interesting discussion. I know that many Christian clergypeople accept LGBT people.  So it is an interesting opportunity for them to speak up, too.


– Jillian

There is no religion higher than the truth. — Theosophy motto