Madonna outs kale: Will more foods be outed?

True confession: I can’t recall ever eating kale. Maybe somebody slipped some into a salad I’ve had, but I never consciously bought and consumed it. And I have no idea if kale is a big seller at vegetable counters, but I suspect sales are picking up in light of the controversy — such as it is — over a comment by Madonna, who apparently branded it “gay” in some word association game in a BuzzFeed interview.

It would appear some people are taking it seriously, and might actually be offended? But a lot of people think the whole thing is hilarious (including me), and are having fun spoofing the controversy.

So, with “spoof” in mind, I point you to a BuzzFeed article, which briefly presents the backstory and then has great fun with it all:

On BuzzFeed: Kale Comes Out as Gay in Hard-hitting BuzzFeed Interview

Personally, I’ve always suspected grapes are gay, but never said anything about it because I didn’t want to out them. But now that Madonna has outed kale, I’m betting a lot of food will be coming out of the pantry.

As for Madonna. I adore her and want to be just like her when I grow up. And everybody knows she is a strong ally of LGBT people, so if she wants to say kale is gay, she can go right ahead and do so. She undoubtedly has some insight on the matter . . .

But, as a bisexual person who feels the “B” is too often overlooked in “LGBT” matters, I’m wondering about bisexual food. Surely there must be some . . . or is the “B” invisible in food groups, too?  Hmm . . . I think we bisexuals need to hold a demo outside a supermarket (NOT!).

– Jillian

One thought on “Madonna outs kale: Will more foods be outed?

  1. Kale is one of those really healthy leafy greens, and you should be eating it regularly. As for Madonna, I’m pretty sure she’s bi. I figure that bi people have the best of both worlds anyway, That’s why the ‘B’ is pretty silent in the LGBT crowd. Most heteros are all a little bi, cause they have sex with themselves as least as often as they do with their partners. I’m sure that my last statement will raise some vociferous responses, but get over it folks. If it feels good, it is good.

    I thought that the french (you know how they are) could shed a bit of light on the gaiety of fruits and veggies, but no… bananas are feminine as are apples. Melons are masculine while plums are feminine. Most veggies are masculine, except for tomatoes and eggplants which are (f) and of course the cherry (f) on the cake (m) is that kale is (m) and grapes are also (m). However a bunch of grapes is feminine. There you have it. When grapes get together in a bunch they switch gender. Does that mean they are gay? 😉 have a great weekend. I’m going to go lie down.


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