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Many people in the West — including me — have called on our governments to boycott nations like Uganda and Nigeria because of their draconian anti-gay laws. But I do applaud Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird for pledging Canada’s support to help free female students abducted by extremists in Nigeria. It’s the right thing to do.

Says a report on The Gazette site:

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird decided Wednesday the fate of hundreds of abducted teenage girls in Nigeria would come ahead of his outspoken condemnation of an outbreak of homophobic laws in several African countries, including Nigeria. Baird pledged Canada’s unwavering support to help free the female students abducted by Islamic extremists. Canada will supply surveillance equipment to help Nigeria find the girls, even though it has long-standing concerns about the country’s human rights record, the Harper government said Wednesday.

Canada is one of five countries that have offered to help. The others are the United States, Britain, France and China.

Nice to see universal brotherhood still exists sometimes.

– Jillian

“The great lost chord of modern civilization is forgetfulness of the fact in nature of universal brotherhood, which means not merely a sentimental or political brotherhood; it means that we are all of one common cosmic or spiritual origin, and that what affects one affects all . . .” G. de Purucker