(As posted to my Gazette blog)

Oh, what the heck . . . Since I seem to have added extraterrestrials (see UFOs: Why aliens don’t introduce themselves to us) to my list of beings facing possible discrimination and persecution here on Planet Earth, why not add some animated characters to it as well (and lordie, this is a busy blog these days). Nintendo is under fire because it won’t add gay characters to a new video game, Tomodachi Life. No, I’m not kidding — and obviously some people feel it is important. According to an Associated Press report on our site, a ” Nintendo fan from Mesa, Arizona, launched a social media campaign last month, urging Kyoto, Japan-based Nintendo Co. and its subsidiary Nintendo of America Inc. to add same-sex relationship options to English versions of the hand-held Nintendo 3DS game.”

Nintendo, apparently,  said Tuesday it won’t bow to the pressure, AP says. The news service also has this: Marini isn’t calling for a boycott of “Tomodachi Life” but instead wants supporters to post on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #Miiquality, as well as write to Nintendo and ask the company to include same-sex relationships in an update to “Tomodachi Life” or in a future installment.

You can read the full Associated Press report on The Gazette site by clicking on this link.

Hey, even avatars deserve equal civil rights, ya know . . .


– Jillian