Arkansas fighting against same-sex marriage till the bitter end

(As posted to my Gazette blog)

Good news and bad — but predictable — news out of Arkansas today.

The good news: A judge has struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

The bad but predictable news: The state will appeal the ruling.

It’s predictable because it seems to be the way many states with homophobic laws operate when a judge rules against them: appeal, even though they may know they will lose the appeal. But I suppose the people doing the appealing feel it is their duty. At least, that is what a spokesperson for Arkansas is saying. According to the Associated Press report (see CBC site): The ruling (in Arkansas) came nearly a week after state Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced he personally supports gay marriage rights but that he will continue to defend the constitutional ban in court. McDaniel’s office said he would appeal the ruling. “We respect the Court’s decision, but, in keeping with the Attorney General’s obligation to defend the state constitution, we will appeal,” spokesman Aaron Sadler said. 

Hmm . . . I’m sure tax payers don’t mind what will surely be a waste of their money, especially people who feel they have a right to impose their values on everybody else and dictate the parameters of loving relationships.

I’m putting Arkansas on my list of places to avoid for now.

It should also be noted here that not all states defend same-sex marriage bans. Says the Associated Press report: “Democratic attorneys general in several states — including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Oregon and Kentucky — have declined to defend same-sex marriage bans.”

– Jillian

4 thoughts on “Arkansas fighting against same-sex marriage till the bitter end

  1. You don’t *really* think that the same-sex laws have *anything* to do with gay rights, do you?

    No, it’s about playing to the base. Appeal to the old, male and stale Republicans who vote reliability. (You know that the GOP means the Geriatric Omnicolor Party). Get them old white farts riled up about non-issues, and they will come out to vote.

    It’s really a shame that Democrats just don’t generally vote in mid-term elections. If the Republicans take the Senate in November, then the shit will REALLY hit the fan. All the gains made by progressives in the past decade, in spite of the Republican opposition, will likely be lost for generations again.

    WHAT will it take to get the progressive voters to the polls this November? Another Bush/Cheney regime?


    1. What do you mean embarrassed? they are PROUD to be uneducated Bible-thumping idiots. “Everything is answered in the Bible, why do I need any school learnin'”?

      My niece went to High School in southern California, and when her parents got transferred for a job change to Tennessee a few years ago, she enrolled in a local college for a science degree. She is acing every class, saying that it’s like starting the 7th grade again. She can’t believe how stupid these people are. She wants to transfer to Harvard or Cornell to finish her post-graduate work because she doesn’t think that a doctorate from a Tennessee university won’t mean much It’s too easy..


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