The modern miracles of science

Thank the Great Cosmic Source for the miracles of dentistry . . .

So there I was munching on some peanuts at the office yesterday afternoon when a crown fell off what was left of a tooth. It wasn’t unexpected — it has been loose for quite some time. When I called the dentist, he told me that he doubted it could be saved, but told me to come in on Friday and see his associate.

Well, his associate managed to defy the odds and gravity — it’s an upper crown — and stuck it back on.


It may only be temporary; I will probably have to get an implant or something eventually.

But at least I don’t have to worry about it for a while.

On another note: I have a date with a hot tub and my social nudism/naturism group this weekend at a beautiful wave-pool facility. I am so looking forward to it. I missed the last event with them because of my recent nude modelling gig — speaking of which, I will try to add more artists’ sketches from that gig on Sunday.


— Jillian


2 thoughts on “The modern miracles of science

  1. Same thing happened to my capped tooth TWICE in the past couple years.. and he was able to cement it back each time too, not knowing how long it would last.. BUT…so far.. Good luck on yours too! Have fun with your group this weekend. You’ve earned it!


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