(As posted to my Gazette blog on May 14)

So, as you might have expected, some openly anti-gay fundamentalist is trying to organize a boycott of the St. Louis Rams and credit card company Visa because they support football player Michael Sam. Note that I didn’t refer to the openly anti-gay fundamentalist as an openly anti-gay Christian, because I don’t want to besmirch the reputations of all the Christians who are not anti-gay. Indeed, there is a strong case to be made that Christianity and homophobia are not related, and that homophobes only use Christianity as a cover for their bigotry.

Anyhoo, I’m thinking that this call for a boycott will fizzle or will have little, if any, effect on the Rams or on Visa because the guy calling for the boycott is not a household name. And, no, I’m not giving him any free publicity here, either. He’s not exactly Jay Leno or Ellen DeGeneres . . .

Indeed, the openly anti-gay fundamentalist’s call for a boycott might have the opposite effect: it might lead to a rise in sales of Rams tickets and merchandise by people, many using Visa cards — tolerant people who want to show their support for the team and Michael Sam, and Visa.

Still, I see personal boycotts as a good way for people to express their dissatisfaction with the policies of a company or state or nation. And if it gives some openly anti-gay fundamentalists satisfaction to boycott the St. Louis Rams and to cut up their credit cards . . . hey, whatever floats their ark, yes?

Live and let live.  People have a right to hate . . . to a point. Legally speaking, that is.

I’m happy to let karma deal with the moral aspects of it all.

Meanwhile, although I’m not an NFL Football fan, I’m pumped: Go, Rams, Go!

– Jillian

P.S. Yes, I think I will buy a Rams sticker or something. I never would have thought of it, but the openly anti-gay fundamentalist has inspired me to show my support for the team. The Lord works in mysterious ways, eh.