I’ve posted a photo gallery in my Gazette blog of some of the celebrations that followed a court ruling in favour of same-sex marriage in Oregon.

You can read the post here.

But to see the photos, click on the link (I can’t run the photos here because they are copyrighted). There’s a special picture at the end of the Gazette post — a blessing from above, perhaps?

Posted May 20 in Turning the Page

Joy for Oregon same-sex couples

Look at the happy faces of the couples — and their families and friends — in these photographs, who finally have marriage equality in the state of Oregon. Why would anyone try to deny them this joy? How could anyone think they have the right to dictate the parameters of love between couples they don’t even know? Thank God a sane legal system has prevailed in Oregon. May it prevail soon in all the other places in the world where equal civil rights are denied to same-sex couples.

Congratulations to all the happy couples!

Enjoy the pictures.