(As posted to my Gazette blog on May 20)

Despite worldwide condemnation of the unjust death sentence handed down in Sudan to a woman — Meriam Ibrahim, who is eight months pregnant — simply because she is a Christian, her husband says “she is being kept shackled to the wall of her cell,” the Telegraph is reporting. And that her legs are swollen.

This comes after one Sudanese official tried to downplay the whole affair last week, saying the death sentence was not a final decision.

So, why do Sudanese prison officials feel it is necessary to shackle an eight-month-pregnant woman? Indeed, why are they even keeping her in a cell? Why hasn’t she been released!!?

What kind of madness is going on in Sudan?

It seems a lot of these stone-age cultures run by sultans and other types of patriarchal tyrants get off on the idea of flogging women and keeping them in shackles. Is this some sort of perverse sexual thing for these so-called leaders and their officials and henchmen? Does it turn them on?

Canada and other Western nations must do more to free this woman. It is not enough to have her sentence commuted: She must be freed.

And the world really needs to rein in some of these tyrants and bring them to an international court to face charges of crimes against humanity. God only knows what other crimes are they committing . . .

– Jillian