Open relationship? Or strictly monogamous?

I may have asked the question here before, but readers come and go . . . and it’s springtime and the birds and bees have returned . . . and I am thinking about open relationships? Hmm, blame it on spring, yes?

Actually, I am a bisexual person in a monogamous relationship with a woman who identifies as a lesbian — and she doesn’t believe in open relationships. If I dared stray, it would be the proverbial curtains for our relationship. So, I behave myself . . . such a great sacrifice . . . sigh . . .

Smiles . . .

The thing about being bisexual is that one does have bisexual needs, and they can’t all be fulfilled in a monogamous relationship. I mean, there are times I would love to snuggle up with some big, strong guy . . . and just let him take me . . . sigh . . . And if he had long hair, ohmygawd!

Hmm . . . blame this post on the bird and bees . . . and note that it is appearing here, and not my Gazette blog. Giggles . . .

So, I want to open this for discussion. How many of you are in open relationships, in which each partner can openly indulge in sexual encounters with others? And if you are not in such a relationship but instead are locked in monogamy, do you ever wish you could have an open relationship?

Would it trouble you if your partner indulged with someone else? Would your partner be troubled if you indulged with someone else?

Or are you simply staying single to avoid the whole issue?

Have fun with this . . . it’s meant to be lite weekend fair . . .

A lite weekend affair, anyone?

Kiss, kiss . . .

— Jillian


3 thoughts on “Open relationship? Or strictly monogamous?

    1. I understand what you are saying, Cheri. When I make a commitment vow, I stick by it, too. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t times I yearn for some variety. How about you?


  1. i don’t believe in anything that limits a person. everyone is free. be yourself. personally, i don’t have an issue with anyone i’m with having sex with anyone.

    i’m pansexual…be yourself


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