Same-sex marriage: America, get it done!

(As posted to my Gazette blog on May 22)

Free-flowin’ . . .

Oh, for gawd’s sake, America, just get it done . . .

I’m talking about same-sex marriage, of course.

An Associated Press article on the ABC News site has a good summary of the “gay marriage battles” going on across the United States. Apparently, 29 states are involved in legal battles over the issue, while 19 have legalized it. That leaves a few (4?) where it is unchallenged?

Sigh . . . I dunno. From up here in Canada, where same-sex marriage has long been a fait accompli and everybody is getting along just fine and no fundamentalists have been forced to become gay or anything . . . it’s easy to be smug and wonder just what the freakin’ hell is going on south of our border!?

Honest to God, “red, white and blue, gaze in your looking glass” (to quote Styx’s Suite Madame Blue) . . . you can’t imagine what a spectacle it is from our vantage point. Talk about pulling teeth, eh . . . I’m kind of embarrassed for you, so I can imagine how embarrassed many of you are.

Though, it is beginning to look a little like a horse race, with some of us wondering which horse will place last. Which state will be the last to legalize same-sex marriage? You gotta know the bookies will be taking bets on it.

Of course, I’m pulling for my LGBT sisters and brothers down there. I really feel for those who are denied equal civil rights, because I know what it is like to have those rights and I can barely imagine living without them.

But I gotta think there is some way you could just finish it in one fell swoop. Maybe President Obama might have a suggestion.

I mean, c’mon America, “you’re not a child anymore . . .”

– Jillian

2 thoughts on “Same-sex marriage: America, get it done!

  1. It’s purely political. The “christian”-dominated right-wing party formerly known as Republicans will latch on to any issue that will anger their base of fact-challenged voters to maintain their hold on power. They could care less if their target is fair or balanced, fact-based or even legal. As long as it riles up their base of sheep.

    All Republicans aren’t stupid, but if you’re stupid, you likely vote Republican. That’s what the party exploits. It helps that they have a news organization in their pocket.


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