Silly me.

I should have done some research first before posting an entry here called Nudism/Naturism: World Naked Bike Rides (which has now been taken down). I assumed the events were about nudism/naturism.

Fortunately, our dear friend Alex (Happy Bare) pointed out to me that World Naked Bike Ride events are not so much about nudism/naturism, but more about delivering “a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world,” as a Wikipedia entry says.

As Happy Bare points out:

Hello Jillian, I will ride this year in both events, however, the WNBR is not about nakedness of naturism. It is a protest about oil dependency, the pervasiveness of the car culture, and to promote bicycle use and modes of people transport other than cars. It uses nudity to attract the press and spectators. Unfortunately with all the nakedness present the core message is often lost.

So, there you have it. I may post about the Montreal event again as it draws closer. Also follow TheNaturistsPag on Twitter, which provided the image above.

– Jillian