(As posted to my Gazette blog)

Sigh . . . Once again, the folks at Westboro Baptist Church are doing their thing — albeit, inadvertently? –  to bolster support for LGBT people, this time by holding a demonstration near a  high school in Washington D.C. to protest against its Pride Day event.

If history repeats itself — that is, if any members of WBC actually show up — there will be five or six WBC members carrying pathetic placards and hundreds if not thousands of supporters of LGBT people holding a peaceful Love Is All You Need counter-demonstration.

Reports The Washington Post: “The announcement (by WBC) triggered an immediate reaction from students, who took to social media to begin organizing a peaceful counterprotest.”

Indeed, WBC does more to garner support for LGBT rights with its demos than it does to fuel homophobia/transphobia — and I gotta think the WBC members aren’t that dumb.

I gotta think they are really supporters of LGBT people using reverse psychology by acting outrageously in a bid to make all anti-LGBT fundamentalists look crazy.

But then again, I have always loved a good conspiracy theory.

Whatever the case, the Pride Day event at Wilson High School in Northwest Washington next month is shaping up to be a lesson in affirmation for the students.

Reports the Washington Post: “Biology teacher Chris Obermeyer, one of three faculty sponsors of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance, said he’s thrilled to see students take the lead in advocating for themselves and hopes whatever publicity comes of it helps spur students elsewhere to take action.”

– Jillian