Nudism/Naturism: Vacation resorts

(Update: The list has been started — look under the Pages menu on left-hand side of this page)

I received an email today from the Vritomartis Naturist Resort in Crete, so I checked out their website. Mmmmm . . . The resort looks divine, and they have a nice website. If I were heading for Greece, I would be considering at stay at this resort for sure.

I know there are many good naturist resorts around the world, so I have decided to post a list of resorts and provide their links — but only if they come recommended by my readers or if the resort owners leave a comment to this post. Please provide a brief description of the resorts you are recommending, along with the location and a website link. Check out the list to see how it is being done.

You’ll find the resorts list under the Pages menu on the right-hand side of the page here.


— Jillian

P.S. Don’t forget the sunblock!


11 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Vacation resorts

  1. I do not know if this is true for the rest of the World, but here in Quebec, the interest and popularity for naturism seems to get lower since many years. Many nudists campgrouds are closed or sold to become non nudist campings.

    There are gay campings that are clothing optional, and I enjoy thoses places being gay myself. Good luck for your list.


  2. Lovely place! I’ve stayed here since April 26th and will not leave before June 7th, so I know! Come, come come 🙂 Friendly and interesting guests, quiet atmosphere and the best staff you can possibly imagine. GREAT!


  3. The Centre Helio Marin Montalivet best known as CHM Montalivet
    Montalivet, France (near Bordeaux)

    While the modern naturist movement is generally accepted to have started in Germany, it was France that perfected the large scale naturist resort. The combination of warm southern France, beaches on the ocean, and the French passion for vacationing naturally combined to create massive naturist resorts.

    The oldest of these resorts is the Centre Helio Marin Montalivet – best known as the CHM Montalivet. With over 3,000 sites (tent, RV, cabins, and bungalows) and as many as 15,000 people per day, Montalivet is certainly one of the largest naturist resort in France. The commercial centre in the middle of the resort has 22 shops and restaurants.

    After World War 2, the naturist movement around Paris had quickly returned and was growing. Two of its leaders, Christiane et Albert Lecocq, realized that naturists needed a vacation destination. After a bit of searching, they ended up leasing some beachfront on the Atlantic near Bordeaux. Thus, the CHM Montalivet was founded in 1950.

    Montalivet was not just a place to relax. It was also a place to live a naturist life and develop the philosophy. To this day, discussions and lectures are an integral part of Montalivet. Some of the greatest thinkers in the French naturist movement have been members. In 1953, the French naturist federation (FFN) and the International Naturist Federation (INF) were created at Montalivet.

    A podcast about the CHM Montalivet:


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