(As posted to my Gazette blog)

Hmm . . . The Colorado Civil Rights Commission upheld a ruling that says a baker in that state cannot refuse to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples, despite the owner’s religious convictions. But the owner is saying he will not comply with the ruling, and that he would rather see his business closed down — if it comes to that.

Honestly, I’m thinking that if I were going to the wedding of a same-sex couple and the cake was made by that particular baker, I might skip that part of dessert at the reception. No, I’m not suggesting the baker would poison the cake or anything, but just the idea that it was prepared by someone who would prefer to exclude same-sex couples as customers is enough to turn me off his products.

The couple at the heart of the case are saying they wouldn’t really want to eat the baker’s cake, either, and that they filed the original complaint on principle.

And I am sure there are other bakers in town that happily serve everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, gender identity . . . Heck, I bet they would serve anybody on the planet and beyond, as long as they have American greenbacks.

You can read about the Colorado baker on the Pink News website, if interested.

– Jillian