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Is it my imagination, or has this been one of the nuttier weeks for LGBT-related news? Of course, it was a non-LGBT news story that probably scored the highest on the laugh meter if you put aside the “pathetic” element that came with it — the explanation by the brother of the poor Sudanese woman he wants hanged that she was “bewitched” into becoming a dreaded Christian by “a magic potion.”

Now I’m wondering if some Christian types in Florida have been sipping a bewitching potion, too. Apparently, the Florida Family Association is flying banners over Disney World to protest against this weekend’s annual Gay Days event at the theme park, and warn families to stay away. According to WMFE.org,  “FFA says it’s trying to protect families and support “traditional, biblical values.” “

So, you can imagine the Monty Pythonesque spectacle . . . Giggles . . .

Yes, I am being a wee bit smug.  And I really should be thanking these biblical agenda types who keep protesting against “the homosexual agenda.” If it wasn’t for people like them in the U.S., there wouldn’t be much LGBT news to report on because Canada is just plain old boring — that’s what happens when everybody has equal rights, eh.  Sure, we’re not perfect; there is some homophobia and transphobia here. But nothing like our southern neighbour . . . There is never a dull moment in the United States . . .

Anyhoo, the Gay Days celebration — which started Tuesday and includes events in downtown Orlando — is in its 24th year, according to a nice, happy report on the Central Florida Future site, and will play host to tens of thousands of LGBT people and their supporters . . .

Cha-ching cha-ching!

According to the report:  “The Gay Days event was originally spearheaded by The Center, the LGBT community center … in Orlando … The (various) events (in Orlando) now attract nearly 150,000 visitors every year and add more than $100 million to the local economy, according to the Gay Days website.”

Happy Gay Days, Florida!

It’s on through Sunday.

– Jillian

P.S. Florida is a second home for many Canadians — in the winter.