LGBT news: WBC inspires LGBT rally in D.C.; Wisconsin A-G stymied

(As posted to my Gazette blog)

It looks like we’re in for another wacky week on the LGBT scene . . .

In a recent post, I offered a conspiracy theory about the Westboro Baptist Church folks, suggesting that they are, in fact, working for the LGBT movement in the United States by trying to appear as nutty as possible in a bid to discredit all Christians. I pointed to the fact that whenever they announce they are going to protest somewhere, they inspire huge demonstrations of support for LGBT people while only a small number of WBC members actually show up. And I made a fearless prediction that it would be that same old story repeated again at the planned WBC demonstration outside a high school in Washington, D.C.

Smiles . . . just call me the bride of Nostradamus . . .

In today’s news, fewer than a dozen members of the Westboro Baptist Church turned up for an anti-gay protest near Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. and were met with a counter-protest of LGBT supporters numbering about 1,000 . . . Smiles again . . .

Says student body president Jennifer Li in a Washington Post article: “I’ve never seen this many people come together, even at a sporting event. We’re promoting a school of love and acceptance.”

Way to go WBC . . .

In other wacky Monty Pythonesque LGBT news today, there is chaos in the state of Wisconsin, where a judge tossed out the ban on same-sex marriage last Friday and hundreds of same-sex couples have since married. (See Associated Press report on Chrom.con site.) The state’s attorney-general, determined to fight the ruling despite calls for him to let it be and not waste taxpayers’ money, asked the court to halt the marriages while the matter goes through the appeals process — but the judge turned him down (possibly because she and everybody else knows he will lose the appeals, thus wasting taxpayers’ money. Maybe they should make him pay if he loses the appeal, because this is his fight — but I digress.)

Meanwhile, some counties continue to issue marriage license, some are holding back, and no one can be quite sure how long the window will be open for same-sex couples until an expected halt is ordered by an appeals court pending the ultimate decision.

From a Canadian point of view, as I stated in an earlier post, the attorney general in Wisconsin looks like a total Grinch, a disgrace to Wisconsin and to the United States. Shades of Uganda . . . Wisconsin is on my boycott list as long as it keeps trying to deny equal civil rights to same-sex couples . . .

– Jillian

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