Led Zeppelin’s greatest album: 1 or 3?

A musical break . . .

Sigh . . . I had always considered Zep’s first album to be the band’s finest, indeed, to be the greatest album by any rock band ever.

But as my regular readers know, I bought the three recent re-releases — the band’s first three — digitally remastered by . . . sigh . . . Jimmy Page . . . yes, yes, I do have a crush on Jimmy.

Anyway, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week have been Zep days for me, during which I have been listening to the new albums: No. 1 on Wednesday, No. 2 on Thursday, and No. 3 on Friday. A lot of other people have been listening to them with me, albeit intermittently as my car boomed by them on the autoroute.

So, Zep 1 is as powerful and crisp as ever. I mean, the album still blows me away.

Zep 2 not as powerful, still great, of course, but not a desert island disc.

And then No. 3 today . . . OMG! I had forgotten how great this album is . . . I love the spacey feel of Friends . . . Since I’ve Been Loving You brought tears to me eyes; it’s a masterpiece . . . Out on the Tiles just rocks so hard; I’m listening to it now as I write this . . . and on and on and on . . .

So, now I just don’t know if I would choose No. 3 over No. 1 as Zep’s greatest all-around album.

Does there have to be a “Zep’s greatest album,” you might be wondering.

Well, no . . . But we humans love picking “the greatest of the greatest” sometimes, hence the Top 100 albums on radio stations and the like.

Or course, as we all know, Led Zeppelin was and is the greatest rock band that ever was and ever will be.

There is just no disputing that.


P.S. If Jimmy Page and I get married, I won’t have to hyphenate my last name!

Winks . . .

Happy weekend, everyone!

– Jillian




8 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin’s greatest album: 1 or 3?

  1. Jillian, to be truthful I had to pull out the vinyl and look at the tracks. Sorry but I have been listening to compilation CD for so long I have lost the sequence of the releases. Having the done so, I cannot place any one of the first three albums above the others, they are all relevant their own right. That said, if I were to have to pick my fave LZ tracks they would be “The battle of evermore”, “California”, “Kashmir”, and of course “Stairway”. As for Jimmy Page, I watched a documentary titled “It might get loud” and can attest that he has aged well. On the flip side, tonight I watched a BBC documentary on Bowie and did not recognize Rick Wakeman. Keep on rocking in the free world, especially since QC is once again inclusive (sorry about the cheap shot about the Blue Queen. If you edit it out I will not be offended).


    1. No, problem on the Blue Queen, Janet. As I mentioned in my response to Telisa, I might end up agreeing with you about the 4th album. Check out the response there . . .



  2. That’s a trick question! The correct answer is neither! The greatest Zeppelin album is actually IV. “Stairway” alone could have made it a contender, but when you add Black Dog, Rock and Roll, The Battle of Evermore, and my personal favorite Going to California, then there really is no question. That being said, the NEXT greatest Zeppelin album could be III because of the acoustics. That’s the Way, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp…so beautiful.

    We can agree on one thing-LED ZEPPELIN RULES!


    1. I might end up agreeing with you about the 4th album — I don’t have it on CD (I know, that is pitiful), but will buy a copy shortly and put it through a day of listening. The Physical Graffiti album is another major contender, too . . . and The Rain Song on Houses of the Holy is one of my fave Zep songs.

      But, to be honest, this post on Zep was really just an excuse to talk about the greatest band of all time!

      Winks . . .


  3. One is the best of the first three. Three is a second.
    One just blows away all other music at the time. it is still epic.


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