One wonders why Brian Brown of a U.S. group called the National Organization of Marriage is so intent on stopping same-sex couples from getting married. How can he think for a moment that he has the right to define the parameters of love for people he doesn’t even know, let alone announce to the world that even if same-sex marriage is legalized across the nation, he will continue fighting against it? Is this a form of religious fanaticism? Might those whose love he is trying to thwart feel this is a form of intimidation with the potential to be sowing the seeds of terrorism, to a point? Because certainly, the Americans he is trying to deny equal rights surely must feel some horror and fear along with sadness by what they perceive to be acts of bigotry in the name of superstitious, stone-age belief systems. We’ve already seen examples of so-called Christians beating up gay people in other countries like France and Uganda.

Brown and his organization are trying to muster anti-LGBT forces to stage a demonstration in Washington D.C. on Thursday, something they are calling a March for Marriage, according to the Boston Globe.

Brown, apparently, wants the Supreme Court to allow states to set their own marriage laws — i.e. through referendums and such — rather than imposing same-sex marriage on them. He is quoted saying: ‘‘We’d put this back in the hands of the democratic process. We would have the people deciding for themselves.’’

And he is saying even if same-sex marriage is legalized nationwide, “We won’t go away,” the Boston Globe is reporting. ‘‘In the next year or so, we’ll either have a massive victory at the Supreme Court, or we’ll need to fight for 10, 20 years to undo the damage that the court has done,’’ Brown said.

Hmm . . . where will it end? What forces could be unwittingly set in motion in the long run, especially considering the numbers of weapons owned by citizens of the United States?

Look around the world . . . I’m thinking of what’s going on in Iraq today as an example of religious fanaticism in a worst-case scenario.

– Jillian