I know that many of my readers here are naturists, and I haven’t exactly been writing much about the subject lately. I think summer is the time to be getting out there and doing it, rather than writing about it.

I have yet to go to the clothing-optional beach near Montreal this spring, but it is on my to-do list very soon. Then there is a barbecue event to attend in July with my naturists’ group. And there is just lots of hangin’ out on the deck and by the lake . . . no nude modelling sessions scheduled for the summer.

Yes, summer’s here and the living is . . . au naturel.

What about you? What are your nudism/naturism plans this summer? Anything new and unusual for you?

On another note: my resort list idea didn’t really take off here. If we don’t get a bunch more to add to it, I’ll delete the current one due to lack of reader interest.


— Jillian