(As posted to my Gazette blog today)

Update 4:  BBC News is reporting that Meriam Ibrahim has been released from a Sudanese jail and is in the U.S. embassy.  However, because she has been charged by Sudanese officials over her passport papers, she cannot leave the country. The report is saying “Sudan’s National Security and Intelligence Authority is reported to have lodged the complaint against Mrs Ibrahim.” And this: “BBC correspondents say that now Sudan’s intelligence agency is involved, Mrs Ibrahim’s case is likely to be more difficult and complicated to resolve.”


Supporters of Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim may not be putting away their virtual protest placards just yet.

Sudan has reportedly charged Meriam Ibrahim again, just as she was about to leave the country Tuesday for the United States where, no doubt, she would have been interviewed by many media outlets. And, no doubt, where she would have confirmed that she was never under the spell of a magic potion that made her become a Christian, as her brother suggested when he denounced her to authorities and a court that sentenced her to death for apostasy. And where, no doubt, her release would have been seen by many as a small human rights victory for a woman over the chauvinistic patriarchs in a stone-age culture . . .

The global outcry no doubt played a major part in having the first sentence overturned. But now authorities are accusing her of having a fake passport, and have charged her with two criminal counts, according to a report on CNN.

So, the small human rights victory of a woman over the patriarchs of a stone-age culture may be on hold, and I suspect the drums of protest against Sudan will be starting to beat around the world again very soon if she is not allowed to go to the United States.

– Jillian