The new Fall/Winter Sears catalogue is out . . . and summer has only just begun in these parts.

I got a copy when I stopped by an outlet to pick up some summer dresses I had ordered — but I didn’t take the catalogue out of its plastic wrapper. I’ll check it out in a couple of months. For now, I don’t even want to think about what’s coming after summer. I wish we could wrap those two seasons in plastic — and just have summer for three seasons, followed by spring. Wasn’t that what global warming was supposed to accomplish?

Global warming is a myth in my part of the world — last winter was colder and longer than usual.

Meanwhile, the weather is supposed to be super hot — i.e. 29C — in these parts this weekend. Yes, that’s hot for us northerners. It’s shaping up to be a perfect weekend for skinnydipping!

Happy weekend to all!

– Jillian