Feedback needed: What say you?

Feedback needed:

Am wondering if many of this blog’s readers are reading the posts on my Gazette blog, and if I should keep doubleposting ones there to here? I initially started doing that to help readers who were hitting the Gazette’s paywall. But I don’t know if that is such an issue anymore.

I blog a lot more on the Gazette site than I do here — for now. In other words, not everything is doubleposted to here.  The Gazette blog is more about human-rights issues, and I am not so sure readers here are interested. I know many of you are naturists, and that is what brings you here. (And, yes, this is prime naturism time!)

So, let me know what you’re thinking. I won’t bother posting the human-rights stuff here anymore if you’re not interested.


— Jillian

14 thoughts on “Feedback needed: What say you?

  1. We selfishly use RSS to come here for your blogs relating to social nudism through your perspective, though often read other articles. The Gazette has far too much non-related info for us to follow. Gotta focus, ya know?


  2. Hi Jillian. I appreciate the efforts that you are putting into keeping us informed. It would be great if you could could continue to post the Gazette blog here too.


  3. Hi Jill,

    It’s obviously up to you and your interests as to where you wish to go with your personal blog page. But, I do very much appreciate that you repost human rights, trans-related, etc., posts from the Gazette here, for what it’s worth.

    And, whatever, keep on truckin’. 🙂




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