Nudism/Naturism: Skinnydipping and more!

It has been the perfect weekend in these parts for naturists: I’ve been skinnydipping four times. Now I’m sitting on the deck — in the buff, of course — writing on my laptop while the barbecue cooks our dinner. My sweetie is stretched out on a chair doing a crossword puzzle.

Sigh . . . such lazy days . . .

This is a holiday weekend for many in Canada, but the actual holiday (Canada Day) falls on Tuesday — so some of us, ahem, have to work on Monday.

But my American readers will a real long holiday weekend next week, and I bet you are all looking forward to that.

For now, Happy Sunday to all!



7 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Skinnydipping and more!

  1. ALOHA JILLIAN ….. hope i find u well….

    i alwayz wonder why people use this term; seems so “quaint”… thus, a bit of research… to me, we are just going swimming naked… WHY put on something that gets wet???… of course, the fucking “christians”… wouldn’t you know….. love and aloha from the north shore of maui…..

    ” …Skinny-dipping means to take a swim with only your skin. Before the word was invented, there was no need to give a name for swimming naked, because every-one did it.

    Back then it was called bathing. Men would swim naked together and women would swim naked together. Soon men and women wanted to swim together and because of Christian morals, back then, modesty was called for. The swim suit was invented. Again it was still called bathing, however, if the guys wanted to have some male bonding and wish the women to stay away, there had to be a code name so the ladies wouldn’t come. So the name skinny-dipping was invented.

    Today we don’t think the same as in the victorian area, but the name still stands….”


  2. Happy Canada day to you and your partner, Jillian. I have fond memories of “skinny” dipping in the cold mountain streams of Scotland, and guddellng trout from these same streams and cooking them over an open fire. No doubt there are laws against the trout part today but I can imagine my less than skinny body floating in these narrow streams of the old country today, and yes, feeling for trout!


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