I love the twists and turns the British employ in some of their comedies, and their ability to make something lighthearted very serious in an instant. They can be masters of dark humour sometimes.

Case in point . . .

My sweetie and I were watching an old episode of The Vicar of Dibley last night. You may recall that it is about a female vicar (played by Dawn French) of a church in a fictional village in England, where none of the inhabitants are particularly bright (i.e. yokels) save for the Vicar and one male character. At the end of each episode, after the closing credits, the Vicar is seen telling a joke to Alice, a simple and lovable half-witted character (played by Emma Chambers). Alice seldom gets the joke, which is usually the joke itself . . .

Last night’s joke went something like this:

The Vicar relates the story of Superman flying along when he spies Superwoman stark naked and spreadeagled on the top of a skyrise. Since he always had a thing for Superwoman, the Vicar says, he swoops in, does his business in a flash and flies off. Superwoman says aloud: “What was that?” And the Invisible Man responds: “I don’t know but it hurt!”

You might think many people would have chuckled at that point. After all, it was just a joke.

But, predictably, Alice didn’t think it was funny.

To paraphrase her: “Well, that’s not very good. I don’t see anything funny about the rape of the Invisible Man . . . Or the attempted rape of Superwoman.”

And she got up, and stormed out of the room, leaving the Vicar to reflect on it all.

So, Alice is not so dumb after all, because she knows rape is not something to joke about, eh?

Nice piece of writing by the scriptwriter.

— Jillian