On doubleposting

So, after consulting with readers here and thinking about it, I’ve decided to keep on doubleposting most of my blog items from my Gazette blog — Turning the Page — to this one. Most, but not all — some subjects are just so exclusive to Quebec that they may be of no interest to anyone here.

I’ll try to remember to include the “As posted to my Gazette blog” note at the beginning of each one that is doubleposted.

And, of course, there will be posts appearing here that won’t appear on the Gazette blog.

For those exclusively interested in my Nudism/Naturism posts, I’ll be sure to get that label in the title so you can easily identify them and skip the rest, if you wish.


— Jillian

4 thoughts on “On doubleposting

  1. Jillian, sorry to have not said anything sooner, but it was a hectic weekend with my daughter-in-law’s 21st birthday party. Please double post to your heart’s content. OK, I originally found you through your naturism posts, but I have to say I love to hear all you have to say on the LGBT front, too. Personally, I want everyone to be treated equally, regardless of whatever labels we can attach to each other. The more that is expounded online to this effect, the sooner we might hope that the world in general (bugger the politicians, if you will forgive me) will come to be “as one”


  2. Thank you Jillian. You may be surprised how many readers might be interested in what you consider to be uniquely Q C issues. After all, we are a Distinct Society within Canada and we should share that with your readers. Truthfully, for all the craziness of our Provincial Politics, I feel privileged to have been accepted by Quebec, and of above all, by Canada. Sorry if this reads a bit jingoistic but moving here was a positive experience for our family.


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