Honey, do you mind if I become a call girl?

A hypothetical situation: You and your significant other are experiencing some financial hardships, and there’s not much hope on the horizon . . . until one of you receives an offer to sell their sexual services to a sugardaddy or sugarmommy. In other words, you would become a call girl or gigolo in monthly encounters that would bring in $1500, $3,000 or more.

Question: Would you be OK with your partner taking on the work if he or she wants to do it?

— Jillian

4 thoughts on “Honey, do you mind if I become a call girl?

  1. With my ugly body, you would pay me to not have sex with you.

    Call Girl, Gigilo, Monthly services? Just raise your prices and become a sex surrogate. Then it’s legal.

    Would I “mind”? If it were strictly for money, no emotional cargo, I could accept it. Of course, I would want to watch…..

    I am certain that it happens a lot more than most of us suspect.

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  2. I guess that it depends wether intimacy is just a physical thing for you or wether the emotional attachment is an overriding concern.

    A lifetime of being apparently unattractive and never having had a strong enough lustful desire to pursue anyone for any physical contact does make my thoughts on the subject irrelevant.

    Serial emotional monogamy works for me…


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