Prostitution in Canada: Legal or not?

OK, so with all the recent legislation and court challenges and discussion in Canada, what is the bottom line: is it legal to be a call girl or not? And if so, would call girls have to declare income for tax purposes like every other working person?

Inquiring minds need to know . . . cause who knows, ya know?

I support the rights of sex workers who willingly engage in that line of work, and I think the government should be moving to make it as safe as possible.

— Jillian

8 thoughts on “Prostitution in Canada: Legal or not?

  1. ” need to know”

    Ooooh, interesting choice of words.

    But, we’re in total agreement on the views of sex workers. You would pay a masseuse what? $50, $100 to rub their hands all over your body – almost all of your body, and everyone is good with that.But get near the pubic hair and they are all freaked out.

    I think too many people are hung up on the intimacy and risk of emotional bonding way more than the sex itself. If the sex trade were perfectly legal and an acceptable form of business, would I partake once in a while? Would I mind if my wife went to get a haircut and blowjob? Probably not. (Of course, I could use a trim,,,,)


  2. So far as I know, prostitution already was legal in Canada, but the recent Supreme Court decision removed some of the restrictions. Consult a lawyer for details.

    As for taxes, the government wants you to them, regardless. If they can prove you have undeclared income, no,matter the source, the can nail – er jail – you. John Dillinger, the famous US gangster, was ultimately brought down for tax evasion, not for his violent crimes.

    Also remember that Pro Domme does not equate to prostitute, although the same person can be either or both.


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