Israel & Hamas: What about the children?

(As posted to my Gazette blog)

So sad . . . The last thing I did before I left work last night was tweak a headline over an article on our home page about what appeared to be a promising Egyptian plan for a ceasefire in the Mideast. It was even more promising because both Israel and Hamas agreed to consider it.

Yes, I thought optimistically, when I get up in the morning, a ceasefire will be in effect. My Palestinian friend in Jerusalem will be feeling a little more secure . . .

But that is not the case this morning. Israel and Hamas are back to firing rockets at each other after Hamas rejected the deal.

I understand that the deal wasn’t everything Hamas wanted. I understand that they are holding out for more.

But I wonder if the children and others who will be injured, maimed and killed by rockets today and in the days to come will understand why the two sides didn’t cease their fire when they had the opportunity to lay down their guns and talk?

I wonder if the mothers of dead children will understand . . .

– Jillian

2 thoughts on “Israel & Hamas: What about the children?

  1. Children don’t vote, and votes are only of use in a democracy. Even if “Hamas won the majority in the last elections” I don’t think Hamas, the Israelis, or anyone else in the Middle East, are interested in democracy


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