Prostitution and Tory logic in Canada

(As posted to my Gazette blog)

So, let’s get this straight: Sex workers in Canada are being given more places to legally solicit clients, according to a Globe and Mail report, but “it will still be illegal for anyone to actually pay for sex.”

Hmm . . . This is Tory logic, I guess. I mean, it must make sense to them, in a Doug and Bob McKenzie Canadian sort of way.

Late-night talk show hosts, take note: consider this a tip for your monologues, eh?

Fearless prediction: Sex workers will challenge Bill C-36 in court, and it will be business as usual between them and their clients. (But how to declare the income at tax time?!)

And, sadly, the Conservative government will have blown another opportunity to make sure sex workers have safe working environments.

– Jillian

4 thoughts on “Prostitution and Tory logic in Canada

  1. Tory logic is doing just fine the object of this bill was never about the saftey of prostitutes or solving any problems related to prostitution it was impresse the moraly conservatives in the canadian population for the federal election next year.

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