An interesting quote from Camille Paglia:

“I support, defend, and admire prostitutes, gay or straight. They do important and necessary work, whether moralists of the Left and Right like it or not. … Feminists who think they can abolish the sex trade are in a state of massive delusion. Only a ruthless, fascist regime of vast scale could eradicate the rogue sex impulse that is indistinguishable from the life force. Simply in the Western world, pagan sexuality has survived 2000 years of Judaeo-Christian persecution and is hardly going to be defeated by a few feminists whacking at it with their brooms.”
– Camille Paglia, “dissident feminist,” professor and writer, in an article on Feminist Times site

5 thoughts on “Prostitution

  1. I do not understand why people are so down on prostitution. It is only dirty, unseemly and undesirable because it is suppressed and because it is done mostly by women. When a woman performs sexual acts, cooks, cleans, nurses and has children it is called holy matrimony. Unless she works outside the home as well, she get a stipend from hubby. So where’s the difference. We pay for services that we consume, people cook for us clean for us, drive us around, fix us, clothe us, entertain us and make us feel better, but sex for money no. Free sex on the street would be OK, but no, you can’t charge for it. We need to make prostitution legal and get it out of the ghettos that our current laws drive it to. Like most things, if you don’t want to pay for it then don’t use it. Let’s just leave people alone.

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  2. They don’t call prostitution “the oldest profession” for nothing. It has been going for far longer than Christianity’s 2000 years, and longer than Judaism’s however long, too.

    I have only knowingly encountered a prostitute once, on Oranienburger Straße in Berlin, when I’d been to Amrit’s Indian restaurant and was not aware that after 9pm was “post-watershed”. This lady (in what to me were “Abba-boots” with a huge heel and platform sole) loomed up with a loud “Hello Mann!” I ran a mile!

    Anyway, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the people involved in the “oldest profession” are protected from exploitation, and are given decent health care for their own and their clients’ benefit. I am believe that will happen if their situation is legalised and properly regulated.

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  3. Hmmm! I have never sold myself for sex, but can relate to the concept. Like the sanctimonius politicians, who are pandering to those who will vote them in and thereby guaranteeing their continued income and pension, I too have done all the necessary “tricks” in the Corporate world to ensure that I could pay the bills. At the end of the day it all comes down to what our skills are and what humiliation and indignities us humans are prepared to suffer to get through life. IMHO, prostitutes must be regulated just the same as any other worker in order to ensure the safety of both themselves and their clients. Such regulation must be practical and applied without prejudice….lady, you have a way of stimulating the old grey cells! Perhaps your post is a reflection of all of the restructuring that is going on at the paper ? I have lived with that same situation at work since the 90’s. Hang in there !


    1. Hmm . . . you do have insights, yes? Smiles . . .

      To be truthful, I would — and could — be a pro domina: there is no sex involved. I’m not so sure I would want to be a call girl, though, considering what is expected of them. However, if that was the only way to pay the bills, I would do it.


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