(As posted to my Gazette blog on July 16, where I also posted photos that can’t be used here for copyright reasons.)

I’m trying very hard tonight (July 16) not to say anything negative about anybody, as Yoko Ono suggested (see preceding post). But I am terribly saddened by the deaths of four innocent children killed by explosions while playing on a Gaza beach today.

Just yesterday I asked in a post here, directed at both Israel and Hamas after the ceasefire plan fell through: What about the children who would be injured, maimed and killed as the hostilities continued? What about their families?

Reports the New York Times: “A running count kept by United Nations officials shows that of the more than 200 Palestinians who have been killed so far, about 75 percent have been civilians, including more than three dozen children. One Israeli has been killed.”

If the ceasefire had been adopted yesterday, those four innocent children killed today — seen layed out above — would be alive now.

How many more innocent people have to die?

And if you are siding with anyone in this battle, would you willingly sacrifice your child for them?

Or would you insist — absolutely insist! — that both sides sit down at a table and resolve their differences peacefully?

– Jillian