Lesson 1 when attending an outdoor naturist event on a bright, sunshiny day: wear sunscreen. I didn’t, which is why I won’t be wearing a bra for a few days. I was sitting/standing in the shade most of the day, but it seems the rather short time I spent stretched out on a blanket with a couple of friends in direct sunlight was enough to give me a sunburn. Not too deep, mind you, but I’ll be wearing loose tops — if anything — for the next few days nevertheless.

The setting for the Ontario Naturist’s annual barbecue yesterday is lovely: The Sunward Naturist Park in Ontario, about 90 minutes from Ottawa, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Here is a brief description from their site, which has photos and more:

Sunward Naturist Park provides nudist families and friends with an opportunity to relax, au natural, by a secluded, clean, spring-fed private lake at our small, low-key, family-friendly nudist park. Sunward offers rough camping for visitors with tents or RVs less than 20 feet long. Facilities are basic. No rental accommodations, no electricity and no sewerage – just rudimentary running water, tent platforms, simple toilets, warm showers and a sauna. Our campground area is small but our members and guests are welcome to explore our nearly 500 acres of forest and farmland completely nude.

While the site doesn’t provide electricity, some of the individuals with trailers have set up solar panels, so they do have electricity. Others have propane gas appliances and such . . .

There were about 100 people at yesterday’s event, including the inhabitants of the park — most of whom are members of our organization. (My partner Maggie couldn’t attend.) It featured everything you would expect from a day in a natural setting: swimming, volleyball, canoeing, good conversation, a few acoustic guitarists playing their party pieces, and, of course, the barbecue with all the fixings.

Indeed, a good time was had by all. It was so nice to be au naturel in a natural environment — that truly is what naturism is all about.

In the evening, after the day visitors had departed, Ted and I (Ted is our organization’s president) dined with some friends on the deck of the trailer: salmon and veggies cooked on the barbecue, a nice white wine suitably called The Naked Grape, and an interesting cake and blueberry concoction for dessert. Their trailer is small but very modern: they have two solar panels providing light, the power for a fridge and freezer, even a heater if they need to use one. Propane gas is used to fuel their stove and oven. A very cozy setting by a lake where they are free to be themselves from spring through to Thanksgiving Day.

Sunward is an ideal place for true naturism. Click on this link to learn more about it, if interested.


— Jillian