(As posted to my Gazette blog on July 21)

Hmm . . . So, let’s see now:

Walden is a handsome billionaire who can’t seem to find the right woman with whom to set up house. But he badly wants a to raise a child, so he and Alan will pretend to be gay so Walden can adopt . . .

Am I the only person who finds this storyline so stupid and offensive that I am considering boycotting the show — a series I have heaped praise on in the past — in the new and final season.

Here’s the thing: if Walden is going to enter a fake marriage — and he claims to be a heterosexual — why not find some willing female to go along with him, adopt a child together, give her several million for her troubles, and divorce a year or two later, with Walden raising the child as a single parent?

Wait a minute . . . now I find myself going down the same rabbit hole in which Chuck Lorre and company are free-falling.

Fraud is fraud, right?

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time someone faked a marriage. It happens all the time, usually for immigration purposes. And it wouldn’t be the first time Two and a Half Men storylines involved acts and plots of deception. But to perpetrate an elaborate “gay” deception when there is a child involved seems just too pathetic — given how it could hurt genuine gay couples trying to adopt out there in TVland, i.e. real life.

Unless, of course, Chuck throws in a twist, which he is noted for doing in this series. And they have been positive twists during the past two seasons, when he has introduced some positive LGBT elements.

So . . . smiles . . . I think I know what Chuck and company are up to. They didn’t reveal all last week, only enough to generate controversy, get tongues wagging . . . to get bloggers blogging about it.

My prediction: Chuck is going to do the right thing by Walden and Alan. They will turn out to be genuinely gay — even if they don’t realize it at first — and their marriage won’t be a fraud after all. There have been hints at a gay relationship in past seasons, especially on Alan’s part — who would have been happy to marry Walden if it meant he could continue mooching for the rest of his life.

So, I will be watching to see if my prediction is correct.

Hope I didn’t spoil it for you (if I’m right).

Smiles . . . (and winks).

– Jillian

P.S. It has all the makings of a spinoff series about gay dads raising a child, doesn’t it?