Isn’t war itself a crime?

So, the United Nations is suggesting that both sides in the Israel-Hamas conflict might be committing war crimes, or as reported on several sites, quoting a UN official: “International humanitarian law (may have) been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes.”

Hmm . . . Interesting this “international humanitarian law.” I suppose it differs from “universal humanitarian law,” if such a thing were to exist — though I am sure if there were humans across the universe capable of interacting with each other, there would be wars of the planets, too.

I am guessing the rules of war are interpreted quite differently by those in the heat of battle. After all, the idea is to survive, and if that means killing, people will do what it takes — anything. Kill by UN rules? Yah, right . . . Kill by any rules — or no rules at all — is what it really comes down to.

I’m wondering what God might say about the rules of war, if a God existed that is capable of actually voicing an opinion. Or do we have to wonder?

I mean, I bet something inside tells you that God abhors war and the existence of all weapons, that killing people is just plain wrong. I bet everybody has this innate knowledge, even if they don’t acknowledge it. (Interesting wordplay in the preceding sentence, eh?)

I bet people know deep down inside — whether they believe in God or not — that killing is a crime.

Indeed, God is a red herring in this post, isn’t It?

– Jillian

One thought on “Isn’t war itself a crime?

  1. “God is a red herring” well that makes as much sense as any other theology. Apart from my frivolity I totally agree with you. There is no such thing as a justifiable killing. A state cannot sanction such a thing, and neither can anyone else. A state, government, whatever you want to call it, is just a collection of people claiming to represent everyone else in their “bucket”. They don’t. I refute any attempts by any British government to claim that they are working on my behalf when they go to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else. When they sell arm to Russia, or anywhere else. I do not subscribe to the politicians debasing of human life, so when they claim to protest when others behave as they do, I don’t believe them. So, how do we resolve this dilemma, in admitting that “democracy” is a sham? It might be the least worst of what is on offer at the moment, but there must be a better way


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