LGBT issues: On ‘closet’ space

Does anybody still use the phrase “coming out of the closet”? Personally, I’ve pretty much dropped the ‘closet’ word and have been using the shortened “coming out” or “came out” in relevant blog posts.

But in case you do still use the “closet” phrase, you might think twice about it after reading a piece on The Independent site by Chris Godfrey with the title: Let’s stop LGBT people ‘coming out of the closet’ — It fails as an analogy, and in the march towards equal rights it’s time to take an axe to this anachronistic mausoleum

I agree: time to trash the “closet” part of the phrase at the very least.

– Jillian

4 thoughts on “LGBT issues: On ‘closet’ space

  1. Why does it fail as an analogy? “Coming Out” is simply the logical shortcut of “coming out of the closet”.

    But, that “coming out” means unambiguously that one is announcing and proud of themselves it a good thing. It means that “coming out” is no longer a pejorative declaration, but simply a declaration. It means that in general, no one questions any longer, “from where”? It means that acceptance is in sight.


  2. On the logical side, I agree with Steve Mann.

    On the whimsical side, when I saw the title, I wondered if you were going to say how some LGBT people need bigger closets, what with needing both male and female clothing.


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