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I dunno . . . Maybe I’m a prude, because I find the idea of hundreds of gay men drawing vaginas for a coffee-table book quite revolting. Is it just me? Am I missing something? I mean, there are several serious(?) media reports — including one on Cosmopolitan’s site — on the Internet apparently applauding the project, which started as some sort of dinnertime discussion in Oakland, Calif., and has evolved(?) into a Kickstarter project. I haven’t seen any reports (so far) criticizing the project.

I dunno . . . Maybe some people see it as the sort of art Sigmund Freud would have enjoyed?

But the idea just creeps me out. It’s icky . . .

Jezebel.com has a report on it, with several reader comments not exactly endorsing the project.

Reports Jezebel:

The spectrum of drawings is wide—from the offensive to the hilarious. As (Shannon) O’Malley points out in the interview, the best drawings are those that take a more conceptual point of view—revealing an insight into the perceived power and mystique of the vagina by a group of men who rarely come in contact with one.

The coffee-table book would be called Gay Men Draw Vaginas, if the Kickstarter project raises enough money to publish it. If it doesn’t, maybe the people who dreamt up the project will, umm, go back to the drawing board and come up with a book promoting world peace or something . . .

One last thought: how many people would actually buy a copy of Gay Men Draw Vaginas and leave it on their coffee tables?

– Jillian

P.S. Are the gay men drawing vaginas or vulvas?