Into the casino scene?

Have you ever gambled in a casino?

In Quebec, as in many other places in the world, we have government-run casinos, as well as government-run lotteries etc.

While I do buy my weekly lottery ticket, I don’t gamble in the casinos. But my g/f likes to go, and I have accompanied her on a couple of occasions to watch her play the one-armed bandits — which are all electronic these days and operated by pushing buttons, but they still have the traditional arm on the right side.

The machines hold no allure for me, but if I had lots of money to waste, I would probably take a seat at the blackjack table, with a glass of wine and try to look as cool and chic as possible.

But I noticed today on a visit to the casino in Mont-Tremblant that there were no James Bond types and his bevy of typical beauties there. Instead, most of the people at the machines and tables were seniors. Perhaps it’s because the casino is located in a Laurentian village resort area, as opposed to a big city like Montreal . . .

Anyway, what about you? Are you into the casino scene?

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Into the casino scene?

  1. Nope. My wife likes to blow on a nickel machine, but she only takes no more than $20 and only plays the nickel machines. I see no appeal in knowingly defying the mathematical odds.

    And, I will not go into a smoke-filled room as most casinos are.


  2. The numbers are stacked against you. Gambling can be addictive and cause untold misery and not always for the one addicted but all they are related to.

    If you want to gamble, perhaps it gives a thrill for a while, it is best to go intending to loose a certain amount of money and walk away, too many think that betting larger and larger sums, that the odds will turn their way and they will win their money back but numbers do not work like that and all that happens is a lot is lost trying to recoup a small loss.

    Lecture over.


    1. If you HAVE to gamble, Caroline’s advice is very appropriate. Come into the casino with just the money you are willing to lose. No credit cards or other negotiable items.

      Here’s a second tip to improve your odds. Competition.

      We get to Nevada once in a while (we ave family there). When my wife goes to an area with a lot of casinos, she picks one of the more downtrodden ones. They adjust their machines to improve the player odds. We found one where it was pretty difficult to lose on the nickel slots. And they were using the old machines. (Their goal is to get people into the casino and hopefully play the tables or wheel where the house has much better odds.

      Never play the slots at a casino that’s all by itself.


  3. No. Like you, and like many people, have this background James Bond / rich and beautiful people in Montecarlo fantasy, but the reality is much as you described. I’m about the only person I know who goes to Vegas and doesn’t gamble. I go b/c my brother lives there, or to go to conventions. When I first went there, would always play $20 in nickel machines – later quarter machines as the nickel ones were withdrawn from use. Now I might gamble a few dollars if I’m waiting for my bro to pick me up.

    Thinking back, I did play blackjack once (while my lady of the time watched). Did rather feel cool and sophisticated; realized that was an illusion that would cause me to lose lots of money, and quit after $20.


    1. Early in US history, there was a debate about government-run lotteries or gambling. The “pro” side argued that it would be exactly what you say, voluntary taxation, which is better than involuntary taxation.


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