(As posted to my Gazette blog on Aug. 1)

Well, maybe some of the 28 lesbian sex positions Cosmopolitan illustrated the other day are not all that realistic. Maybe some of them were just wishful thinking on the part of the illustrator. I dunno. When my g/f and I looked them over, we thought there were a few we’d like to try. But all of them? I can’t see it happening, though we didn’t carefully analyze each position. I mean, making love is most often a spontaneous act. Que sera sera, oui?

Still, we still thought the Cosmopolitan article was pretty cool. Fun! Midsummer fluff, something to take our minds off of the serious crap going on around the world these days. It made us smile . . . and embrace . . . and kiss . . . and I’ll leave it at that . . .

But some adventurous souls out there decided to try the Cosmopolitan positions and concluded that many of them are simply unrealistic. Jenny Block, a columnist on the Huffington Post site, enlisted some of her friends to act out the positions, and she writes about it all in a piece today — with 14 photos.

It’s a cool piece. Fun! But I have one minor quibble with the investigative journalism technique employed by Jenny and friends — and I am not being critical, because I really loved the report. It’s just that the people in the throes of pseudo-passion are fully dressed in the photos . . . I mean, to truly test the positions, shouldn’t people be naked, or mostly so, as they are in the Cosmos illustrations?

On another note: While the Cosmopolitan piece is drawings lots of praise and, no doubt, reader clicks on their website, I wonder how an illustrated piece showing gay men making love would fare on a similar mainstream site?

– Jillian