(As posted to my Gazette blog on Aug. 5)

Hmm . . . I don’t think I’m the only one who feels a little creeped out by P.K. Subban’s public overture in a video to Eugenie Bouchard, saying “she hot on the court and hot off the court.” Hey, maybe it’s all a publicity stunt from both of them. I dunno . . .

But a readers’ poll in a report on Canoe.ca — with the headline “Habs’ P.K. Subban calls out Bouchard for ignoring him” — asked if Bouchard should respond on Twitter to Subban, who mentioned in a YouTube video that she wouldn’t respond to his direct messages there.

The majority of readers — more than 70% — said no, she shouldn’t respond to him.

The Canoe story was published on Aug. 3, and there have been developments since then, Gazette Sports Editor Stu Cowan reports in his blog, Stu on Sports. Stu says the two are flirting on social media (Twitter), that Bouchard finally responded to Subban with (public) tweets saying “Guess I have to answer you now that you publicly called me out,” and also commented on a photo of a caricature drawing of himself he linked to: “Haha you look a little creepy here.”

To which Subban reportedly replied in a public tweet: “I’d say more of a naughty look than creepy! .. Lol maybe a little creepy.”

Ewww . . .

So, I guess it’s OK for everyone to complain in videos about people who don’t respond to their Twitter messages, right?

Or is it just a celebrity thing?

In truth, I’ve tweeted comments to some celebrities, even politicians, and they never responded. Should I make videos “calling them out”?

– Jillian