After I tweeted out the Magic Carpet Ride post late last night (early this morning), it was retweeted on Twitter by an account with the tag SDHomeInteriors, describing itself thus: “Family Carpet & Draperies, our name represents who we are. Family owned and operated since 1976, we bring to you elegance and design.”

Hmm . . . do you think they read my post before they retweeted the link?


— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Anecdote

  1. Welcome to the world of bot-tweets. You happen to be the only human in the loop. A robot app watches Twitter, Facebook, etc for strategic keywords and retweets them with a goal of increasing a client’s retweet count. Chances are that no one at Family Draperies has any clue how to use Twitter. They just hired a “marketing” firm or SEO “expert” to use social networking to increase their Google page placement.

    I am expecting any time soon that we will have bots retweeting bots turning the twitterverse into a giant echo chamber not unlike Faux News. Completely automatic and totally void of common sense.


  2. By the way, I did enjoy Zepplin and most of the other musicians of the 60’s when I grew up. But, though it was available and offered, for some reason, I never tried any drugs. It just never appealed to me.

    I don’t drink, either. But that’s for another reason. When I was 12 or 13, my uncle handed me a can of beer, saying it was time to make a man out of me….

    I took one sip, and that was the end of my beer drinking.

    Only much later in life did I understand what happened. You see, he was a cheap bastard who bought the cheapest beer he could find. Often cheaper than a bottle of Coke. The can he handed me, which was warm and I didn’t know it was supposed to be cold, was Jax beer. Often described as fermented cow piss.

    I often wonder if his goal was to turn me away from drinking in the first place?


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