Magic Carpet Ride, Part 2

If you were around when Steppenwolf released Magic Carpet Ride in 1968, you may also have taken magic carpet rides with various mind-expanding (and blowing) psychedelics, like LSD and mescaline.

True confession: I sampled some of those pharmaceuticals in the early 1970s. I didn’t do a heck of a lot of LSD, also known as acid, and of the six or seven times I tried it, only once would I say it was magnificent. Yes, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. It was so cool.

Mescaline was another matter. In the summer of 1970 (I think) or ’71, some incredible brown mesc was brought into Quebec from Berkeley, California. It looked like Nestle’s Chocolate Quik. I spent much of that summer tripping on that mesc — it was the most incredible drug I ever had. We often smoked some very powerful black hashish with it, from Afghanistan, called Mazar Sharif.

It wasn’t simply about getting stoned. In fact, drugs were never about that for me. I used things like acid, mesc, hash and pot to expand my mind, to meditate on the meaning of life, to listen to the voice of the silence . . . and, yes, to groove in Strawberry Fields with the most incredible music ever made in  the history of mankind. When you’re straight, you hear on one level. When you’re tripping on acid or LSD or (good) hash or pot, you hear on more expansive levels. . . If you were there, you know what I’m talking about . . .

(Disclosure: I am drinking Panama Jack, a delicious cream wine liquor with a 17% percent alcohol level, while I write this, and I think I have found a cure for the common cold. I feel great! Fortunately, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow; I booked the day off as a vacation day back in April. Yippee!! )

Recently, I have been missing those days in the early ’70s. And I’ve been kind of wishing I could trip out again on acid and mesc. lol. Imagine that. So imagine my surprise when a young person mentioned to me recently that LSD is still available — though, sadly, not mescaline. Of course, who knows what they are passing off as LSD these days, if it is the real McCoy or not. But if I knew for sure it was the real thing, ya know, I would take it again. Imagine that . . .

So, after this long preamble, here is my question for you: If you are of a certain age and dabbled in such psychedelics when Steppenwolf was playing Magic Carpet Ride, would you take another magic carpet ride now? Would you take LSD or mescaline?

You would be right in assuming that this post won’t be appearing in my other blog. So, for those of you who are dedicated followers of this blog, have fun with this post, whether you like chasing white rabbits or not . . . Oh . . . so trippy . . .

A love-in, anyone?

Peace and love

— Jillian, with flowers in her hair

P.S. Panama Jack is soooo tasty . . . Smiles . . .

11 thoughts on “Magic Carpet Ride, Part 2

  1. LOL! Great article that says it SO well!

    Stepping out of the public persona of, let me (Steve) say that I know exactly what you’re talking about. Um… because I read it somewhere? Like the Prez said, “I smoked but didn’t inhale!”. Yeah, right.

    But personally, no. Been there, done it and much more. No interest or desire to try to go back there.


  2. Honey, if you can remember those days, you weren’t doing that many drugs.

    Contrary to what you note in 4th paragraph, it is all about getting stoned. The “hearing music on another level,” etc, etc, is otherwise known as getting stoned.

    As for that hash, it wasn’t per se “called” Mazar Sharif, that was where it is from; Mazar Sharif (properly Mazar-e-Sharif, but often gets shortened) is the most important city in northwest Afghanistan.

    Don’t know about Panama Jack, but the problem with Bailey’s Irish Cream is that it tastes like “I’ll have another.”

    – Pedantically (but lovingly) yours,


      1. Then named after the place that it came from (or rather distributed from, being city). Supposed to be a rather nice city, but my time was spent in the south and east.


      2. Uh, no, dear. I was deployed with the Army which doesn’t allow such. Nor, since we were in a Moslem country did we have booze. (No booze and no hookers, what kind of war is that.) Can’t even say the food was any good on the first deployment there, although the second one had a really good chow hall. No booze or drugs, but did have all the sand and dirt we wanted.


  3. This is just an anecdote. After I won the Vietnam War I came home and befriended a young gal. She had a really smart 14 year-old brother (ah, younger brother…) who was looking for $35 dollars in financing so that he could make a gallon of pure LSD. Hmm… pure LSD?

    Now, this kid was smart enough that possibly he could; I don’t know. But when I asked him where he thought he’d market it, considering that at 300,000 per ounce he would have 38 million hits to sell, he said, ‘Oh, at school and stuff.”


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