I wonder how many of you read my Gazette blog? Or do you only read this one?

They do vary at times, but most often I run the same posts in both. I kick-started this blog for national and international readers who might come up against the Gazette’s firewall, asking you to sign up for a subscription. I truly can’t expect people living outside of Quebec to pay a fee only to read my Gazette blog.

I am actually thinking of dropping the Gazette blog and just focusing on this one, even if I don’t have as wide an audience.

In truth, as most bloggers will tell you, there is no real money to be made in blogging, unless you have paid advertising and score thousands of hits every day. I have never earned a penny for the Gazette blog — any money generated by advertising there goes to the company’s owners. This blog does have paid advertising, and I earned $101 after a year of blogging. Hey, that will fill my car’s gas tank a couple of times.

I would actually be open to blogging in a setting that pays real bucks, but I don’t think many of them exist.


— Jillian