On blogging, Part 2: Presentation

Another question: What do you think of this blog’s presentation, i.e. the layout, the photo across the top, the various indexes running down the side etc.

Since this blog has always been a sort of sidebar to my main blog on the Gazette site, I have kept its appearance cozy . . . an oasis. But if I dump the Gazette blog and make this my primary blog, I am considering revamping it and giving it a more newsy appearance.

What say you? Any thoughts? Does it make any difference to you?

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “On blogging, Part 2: Presentation

  1. This basic blog format is fine for your purposes. You have no need for a lot of bells and whistles as you have a limited amount of information to provide and have no need for a splashy content-laden presentation.

    Those who find you or follow your postings can get all they want from this style of blog. Your archival content is probably irrelevant to most folks; it’s your current postings that attract and interest people.

    You’re doing fine; keep it simple!

    You might reconsider dropping the Gazette; it offers another source for folks to find you. Check your stats! If you really want to reach others with your ideas, you need every possible way to bring them here. Consider Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, G+, and the plethora of other free online newspapers and social media that can lead people here. Why not? It all adds up. We have established a network which has brought millions to our website and it’s truly humbling. A small voice that reaches around the world. That’s YOU, Jillian!

    You write because you believe you have something important to say; there’s nothing wrong with self-promotion!

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  2. No diffrence at all… It’s always chock full of good stuff…
    It’s not the wrapper that’s important, it’s the yummy candy inside!
    So carry on anyway you like.. We will be here!

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  3. Layout, colors, links… for sures all these things can always be improved, but what is really important is the content. This is the reason I started following you and wait for your posts everyday (even if I totally disagree with your view on some topics).

    Feel free to change the design, but keep writing these interesting articles.

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