Yes, the title of this blog is SEO-friendly, not click bait (which I will talk about in another post). It is targeting my many nudism/naturism readers and asking: Do you plan to show your support for women’s equality by attending International Go Topless Day events this Sunday, Aug. 24.

I know of at least four naturists planning to go to the Montreal event, and no, they won’t be completely naked. That’s not what the event is about. As you know, it is about women seeking the right to be bare-chested in public in the same way men are allowed to be so.

As you also may know, there has been some concern expressed by individuals about the founders and sponsors of the international event, which is in its seventh year. I have addressed those concerns, and I don’t believe their religious beliefs have any relevance nor should be discussed any further. I have been assured that this is not as recruitment event for them, and that they truly do believe in this particular cause.

You can learn more about it at Go

So, are you going, if there is an event in your city?


— Jillian