This blog’s new look

So, this is pretty much how the blog will look. I’m hoping to find a clearer image of a nude beach sign, as the one up there now seems a little blurry.

Once in a while, at Thanksgiving and such, I’ll replace the top photo with something for the holidays, but will go back to the naturism theme as the main art at the top.

And we have Eve in the top left column, and Adam at the bottom of that column.

The typeface has a fresh look — I like it. I hope you do, too.


— Jillian

3 thoughts on “This blog’s new look

  1. When you expand the selection (“read more”), there is no longer any way to go directly from one entry to the next. Also, the structure is less compact. I do like the new picture, but overall prefer the old look. (You, of course, always look fine.)


    1. Sorry you don’t like it, but I’m happy to have made the change. It needed a fresh look. You will get used to it . . . It’s really the words that matter, and all the reader comments: so many people are contributing. It’s cool.


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