First, I have been remiss in keeping the index of nudism/naturism posts up to date here. I really should add the new entries as I do them, but time, time, time . . . Anyway, I will update it this week, but only with the posts in which we discuss various issues. For example, unless this post generates a lot of reader discussion, it probably won’t be in the “Nudism posts” list you can find under the Pages heading here.

Now then . . .

As summer wanes, I am looking forward to the resumption of my naturism group’s bi-weekly swim events at different pools in the Ottawa area, which take place from September through May. I’m particularly interested in soaking in the hot tubs! Of course, what it’s really all about is socializing. I’ve met so many new people since I joined the Ottawa Naturists, which has about 240 members, I think.

Still, I’m not writing summer off yet. There’s plenty of nude sunbathing time, yes?

How about you? What’s on your autumn naturism agenda?

— Jillian