Rise and shine?

I understand the necessity of getting a good night’s sleep, but sometimes I lament the fact that we have to give up a third of our lives for it. It seems we have some sort of day pass from death — or whatever that state is from which we came and to which we return. And then when you consider that we spend another third or more of our day working, it doesn’t give us much time to play, does it?

I mention all of this because I will soon have to start rising and shining at 4 a.m., if not a wee bit earlier. And I’m wishing I didn’t have to go to bed at all the nights before, that I could just blow off sleep.

Of course, I can’t do that.

It’s damn inconvenient, this sleeping business.

Of course, there are some who might argue that life is, in fact, but a dream . . . but I still have to get ready for work now.


— Jillian

4 thoughts on “Rise and shine?

      1. Well, I know that, but why? In this age of communication and technology you’d think that you could somehow avoid the entire thing and work from home. On the other hand off to work so early in the morning will leave you a lot of day to enjoy yourself.


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